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To provide the skills & knowledge to the youth so that they can recognize and use the resources around them for their holistic empowerment.

Maendeleo Youth Refugee Inntiative

The Maendeleo Youth international was established by Jean Baptiste NGANIZi. This is opened with a motive of helping our youth. As a parent I decided to start this foundation due to same challenges that I have gone through believe that other parents are going through the same challenges like me. In this case I came up with this idea to try to come together and assist our children to become the the leaders of tomorrow that they're meant to be.
The foundation has a general assembly consisting of founding members and other members who have joined the foundation after its establishment to oversee and deal with policy issues. It also has a managing board of ten members to decide on major administrative matters and oversee major development and guide its operations. There is a management committee consisting Department head and chaired by general secretary to deal and execute day to day administrative and managerial matters.
About Us

What we do

“The Maendeleo youth” is dedicatedly working towards empowering the youth through several measures such as training, coaching, counseling and by several other measures. Maendeleo youth international has the distinctive measures to know how to make youth participate. In our programs and avail all of our services. The need for a holistic measure to work with those who are marginalized was always felt by the foundation and in continuation of our efforts.
  • Research and healthcare delivered through
  • Academic quality care for all, delivered locally, without financial restrictions for under insured, under served, or indigent community.

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There are various way you can be part of our great initiative. Please contact us for more details.

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Address: 6808 W Overland Rd, Boise ID 83709
Tel: +1 208 362 6128
Email: [email protected]

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